The problem:
Galapagos is the code name of this project and also the nick name of old flip phone in Japan. Japan is the biggest stronghold for iPhone against android phone. But there was different problem in Japan, there were still 40million Galapagos phone users existed in Japan. So client came us to create campaign to push their back to change their old technology to iPhone.

The insight:
We found out that Galapagos phone users were curious and interested in iPhone, yet they convinced themselves not to change it. Because they felt that they have missed the opportunity to do so. And they used "Honne" ( real intention) and "Tatemae " ( public statement) to rationalize their action, which is typical Japanese behavior.
The idea:
We created series of iPhone feature focused TV campaign that spoke the real intention of Galapagos phone user for them through puppet that looks just like them. The humorous approach pushed the back of old phone lover, and as the result, we had 10% of immediate increase of sales in our target demographic.
A big decision :30
The map of your life :30
Busy morning :30
Mariko :30
The artistic cake :30
Welcome back friends :30

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